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Alpha Suspension Set-Up

Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire UK



On-Line Set-Up Feedback

Aprilia Tuono V4 (On-line set up)

Hi John, I had my bike out today for around 150 miles through mainly twisties and the type of roads that have me needing a trip to the dentist as the suspension was.The setup is very much improved with your suggested settings. Now the bike feels much more compliant, it is still firm enough to ride hard through twisties, but also has a little more forgiveness on bumpy roads. I could maybe make it a little softer, but then that would destroy the handling in fast bends.. Before the changes I would get bumped about all the time and feel like I was wrestling the bike rather than riding it and on several occasions a bump or series of bumps would cause me to chop the throttle due to the violent nature of the suspensions reaction. Now a bump is just a bump. The bike is not unsettled by it anymore. I still feel it obviously, but in a much less aggressive way. Regards Steve (Scotland)


2014 Triumph Street Triple R (On-line set up)

Hi John, I've been out riding the last couple of weekends, trying out the new suspension settings you recommended. The bike feels great, I noticed the extra ride height straight away, being higher in the stroke it feels much more compliant over bumps but still well damped. I may try backing off the front compression a click or two to cope better with the bigger bumps where as the back just seems to suck them up with the new settings (we have stupid-idly large bumps in this part of the world). The bike also no longer wants to stand up mid corner, which is excellent. All in all money well spent! Many thanks for you help. Kind regards, Andrew (Australia)


Triumph Street Triple R ABS 2013

(On line set-up)

John, I went out for a quick ride today and wanted to let you know how my first impressions. WOW, the front end feels incredible, around corners the bike stays on the line of where I want to go rather than wandering and me having to correct it. It feels smoother and does not want to wander when the road surface roughens up. Again, thank you for your advise, looking forward to going to work tomorrow on it. Kind regards Bryan(Hampshire)


2005 Honda Fireblade. (On line set-up)

Evening John. Just wanted to say what a difference! It's literally transformed the bike for the better. The ride quality is vastly improved, I've lost all the problems I had at mid lean/corner and I have ZERO stability issues. Thanks again for the help. Anthony


2013 Honda CBR1000RR C-ABS (On line set-up)

Hi John, First of all thank you very much for your prompt reply. I have incorporated your recommended settings straight away. Honestly speaking, you should have seen the grin on my face when I rode to work this morning :). I have not anticipated that it would be that big of a difference after just one ride! The bike is now planted. Although I have read a number of technical books regarding motorcycle suspension my conclusion is that is definitely more of an art than a science. All in all, definitely the best money I have spent on this bike so far. Once again, thanks for sorting things out! Best regards, Wojciech (Warsaw, Poland)


K8 GSXR 1000 (On line set-up)

Hello John. Thanks for the set up. I took the bike out today and there is a massive improvement. After a couple of hours I had got my head around the new settings and started to enjoy. I took the bike to Helmsey and up and down the Helmsley to Stokesley road B1257. The bike corners so smoothly it seams to iron out the bends and I found myself going quicker and gaining more confidence I ended up doing 3 runs there and back with a big grin on my face. The bike overall has never felt like mine but now I am very happy with it we have finally got on with each other. Thanks again. Mike


2008 Z1000 (On line set-up)

Hi John. Great improvements on the suspension. Sharper turn in, front doesn't wiggle anymore when accelerating in first and feels more stable in mid corner. Also the seating position has changed to my liking. Front is lower and rear higher. Cheers, Sam (Belgium)


2002 954 Fireblade (On line set-up)

Hi, I have put the settings on and went for a 100 mile ride on Sunday. The bike was much better! Most noticeable on the rear. Cheers Tim


2011 Triumph Speed Triple. (On line set-up)

Hi John,Tried the settings now its a little drier down south, a noticeable difference! It rides the bumps better now, the harsh kick has gone. I can feel the tyres and get a better all round sense of the grip available, adjusting the rear sag has improved the feeling of the front being high, it feels like it turns in a little quicker and is able to hold a line better, the difference is well worth the money, so thanks for your help. I won't hesitate to recommend the online service to my mates. Thanks, Steve Godfrey


Honda Fireblade 954 (0n line set-up)

Hi John, What a turnaround! The bike now handles as I’d expect it to, it no longer loses its composure on mid corner bumps and I’m not sat on a pogo stick on bumpy roads. I have done 220 miles around the lakes and York moors today and didn’t feel that the bike was overwhelmed once and we were making some good progress early morning when the roads were quiet.

That must be the best money I’ve ever spent on a motorcycle! Once again many thanks for sorting out what was a pig of a bike to ride and making it "sing" once again. Regards Dan


Aprilia Tuono (with RSV Ohlins forks)

(On line set-up)

Hi John, Finally managed to get the bike out yesterday afternoon for a 50 mile blast along the South Deeside road. What a difference!! There was two significant areas of improvement: Firstly and most dramatic change is the way the bike leans (before it just fell into the corner and you felt you almost had to keep holding it up - gave no confidence at all). Now it just leans in a controlled linear way and when you get to the angle of lean that you want, the bike stays where it is (totally neutral). Changing lean angle mid corner for road changes or changing tightness of the bend, is no problem at all and the bike just does what you want. Perfect - problem solved! The second improvement is the hardness of the suspension over bumpy roads. Is definitely improved. Thanks again John, you're a genius, I would never had worked it out myself! Cheers, Lindsay


Triumph Speed Triple R 2012 (On line set-up)

Hi John, I changed all settings as recommended & then went on a 50 mile run on a mix of different roads & I was pleasantly surprised at how different the bike now handles. The feeling I now get from the suspension is brilliant compared to being lifted out of the seat. The balance is so much better & the bike is less twitchy in higher speed corners, you also get away with more & don't need to concentrate as much, now it is more relaxed. Braking & acceleration now have more feel & the front gets a little light on the exit of corners, which I assume is the rear suspension now actually working. All round the bike is so much better & I am now happy to leave it at that. Thank you for your really good advice & experience, well done. Regards Brian


Triumph Speed Triple 2010 (On line set-up)

I had been riding my Triumph Speed Triple for a year when I decided to set up my suspension properly. I found it very harsh on the road, throwing me out of the seat over bumps and sapping any confidence in the corners.

I looked online and found a lot of guides to help with suspension set up but I I found John at Alpha Suspension Set-Up (almost 300 miles away). He asked that I take some measurements from the bike to know where we were starting from. I didn’t know how to measure sag but again John explained by email and I got him all the measurements that he required. It was very easy, and he was quick to respond to any queries that I had. I also told him how I felt about the ride of my bike and he got back to me with some suggested settings. I dialled them all in and jumped on my bike, keen to try it out and I was amazed! It had totally changed the bike. So much softer over bumps and didn’t get out of shape when leant over. I suddenly had a lot more confidence and a bigger grin. I wish I had done this a year ago! I had paid £25 previously for a set up, and that didn't make much of a difference. If anything I think it was actually harder. For the road riding I do it was horrible. It was actually better doing it online (in my eyes) because I knew what had been adjusted and I had as much time as I wanted to test ride it. Adrian


Yamaha Thunderace (with GSXR1000 forks)

(On-line set-up)

Hi John, I have done your settings and it is a lot better and is definitely much improved in the ride quality and handling. Many thanks for your help. Matt


Triumph 2012 Speed Triple (On line set-up)

Hi John, have finally managed to get out and test new settings. Have done about 30 miles and all seems well. No more front end harshness. Thanks for your help and input. Cheers Andrew